Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Zoya Valentine's Day Special!

I got the info on this from the Lacquered Tips blog, so I thought it only appropriate to send you there. She's got the full press release with the instructions.

But the summary is: buy any one regular nail polish, and get any red free (gotta be on their "red" page, but that's a LOT to choose from, even for someone like me who doesn't really care for red nails! :)

Given that it's free shipping, this is like getting two bottles of Zoya for $4 each? Yes, I snapped it up! The hard part, of course, was deciding WHICH COLORS TO BUY!

I don't own any Zoya, mind you. I don't own any of a lot of things, actually, since I've only been paying attention to my nails for a few months now. After looking through their entire listing and checking out swatches on various blogs of polishes that I thought might be interesting based on the website pictures, I started out with a short (!) list to choose from...

For the non-red colour
Opal Fleck EffectRicaCherylVeruschukaPennyGoldieIvankaSuviJinx, and Ivy

That's what I was deciding between. GAH! CHOICES!!! I finally decided on Veruschuka, because I don't own any mattes; I don't, in general, even like matte (the only exception seems to be nail art where the art isn't in a separate color, but in the differential between gloss and matte on the same polish, like dotting, striping, or taping gloss top coat on a matte polish, or vice versa), and so I'm not likely to ever buy a matte top coat. However, this green looks absolutely stunning with a regular glossy top coat, AND I could do the gloss/matte art on it. It's a glorious green, my favourite shade, and none of the other greens they have really came close to that shade. While I still think I might get Cheryl some day, just for the RICH red/brown of it, I'm happy with my non-red choice today.

Harder still was deciding on the red, because I honestly don't really like red on my nails. So if I was going to get red, I wanted it to be something with pizzazz - sparkle or fleck or something.

There are some that look like they might be something special from the website swatching, like Tori, but when I checked out bloggers' swatches, it just seemed like a bright red to me. I did notice that Rica, which I had looked at earlier, turned out to be in the red page (I thought it was more copper/orange/brown-y than red) so I put that on my short list, which ended up being Rica, KarinaKym, and Delilah. (Jade was another that I thought might be something special from Zoya's pictures, but blogger swatches showed it to be, while a very pretty red, just another red to me.)

After much hemming, hawing, and debating, I ended up ordering Karina. It looked like some awesome glitter on the blogs I saw, even if it is red. :P I can always layer it over a brown and see what shades it turns! :)

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