Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Flying Purple People Eaters

This manicure was inspired by these gorgeous nails done by Nuthin' But a Nail Thing.

I was just feeling very purple and so I skimmed through my Pinterest inspiration board and picked something I could do in all purple.

The base color is Rimmel I Lilac You, and the dots were done in NYC Midnight with Nabi Hologram Dark Purple on top of them. I think I used three different sizes of dotting tools for this baby!

Friday, May 23, 2014

Polka Bows

Man, it's been a whole month since I posted...again! As usual, I've still been doing my nails and taking pictures, but I just haven't seemed to have the time or words to write these blog posts.

This mani is a Monkey-See, Monkey-Do based on Radi D.'s gorgeous manicure which you can find here. Even after more than two years, I still cannot copy the tiny, crisp lines that my favorite nail artists manage. I am so in awe of their abilities!! But I was still pretty darned happy about my results, even on my winter-short nails.

I started with a base of Pure Ice Home Run, followed by a angled tip with OPI Jade is the New Black. The dark lines are done in Orly Buried Alive, and Sinful Shine Wisp was used for the white detail work. I think Sinful Shine is too thick of a polish to work for detailed lines, though, but I'm running out of my standard Milani Whitest White. I need to pick up some more plain white and black polish next time I'm at Walgreens.