Thursday, February 9, 2012

Did I say last??

Oops. So the last one wasn't actually the last one. I did "giveaway" search on my Google Reader, and found one I'd missed posting about.

Neverland Nail Blog has made me wish I didn't live in the U.S., because she's giving away a Lynderella polish to one of her international followers! She is, however, giving away two gorgeous blue OPI polishes, one to each of two winners, to her U.S. readers. Oddly enough, I'm more likely to wear blue on my nails than I am on my clothes, and I don't own any OPI polish yet (remember, I'm new to this polish addiction...ahem...hobby!) so I'm interested to try it if I were to win.

Not that I'm holding my breath! I know waaaay too much about statistics and math - my first husband was a mathematician/programmer - to get my hopes up. While I'm waiting, though, you should go enter her giveaway, but more importantly, follow her blog, because she's got some beautiful nail art over there to ogle!

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