Thursday, February 9, 2012

You gotta give, give, give!

Last, but not least, of the giveaways I'm posting about here (because while I'm new to this blogging thing, others aren't, and they're such giving people!) is this one over at Lacquered Lover. Carly's giving away the Barielle Gem Stone Earth Collection, and anyone who knows me (which isn't anyone in the Blogosphere as of yet, though I have my little circles of friends on Livejournal, Facebook, and Google+!) knows that I nearly live in earth tones. Greens, blacks, and browns dominate my wardrobe, with occasional jewel tone accents of ruby red, royal blue, and deep purples (generally shirts, sweaters, and socks worn with my brown or black pants and suit jackets, though my favourite color combination is without a doubt green and brown.) So you can see why I'd want to enter this particular giveaway! :)

Go enter, but more importantly, go browse her beauteous nail art and follow her blog. ^_^

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