Monday, February 20, 2012

Not used to this girly stuff

I have to admit that it's surreal to stand around discussing cosmetic brands with other women in the office. This is seriously a conversation I've never had in my life before...and here I am seriously discussing pros and cons of Sally Hansen, Sinful Colors, China Glaze, and details of why Wet N Wild's brushes suck! (I've yet to buy a WnW that I didn't have to trim the brush 'cause the brand name might as well be talking about their brushes!) Do I need to reiterate that I'm not a girly girl? I buy all my clothes (excepting underwear, of course!) at thrift stores. I don't wear makeup. My hairstyles are limited to down, braids, and ponytails. Okay, I'll admit that I can do a french braid in less than 5 minutes without a mirror, and I get ooohs and aaahs about that, but my hair goes down to my waist! I haven't cut it other than trimming split ends (and bangs once or twice a decade) in 23 years now. Yes, I can do a half-dozen different styles of braids...but I've also had three daughters in that time. That's a lot of braiding practice! :) The extent of my girly-ness is the fact that I like swishy skirts, honestly. So yeah, this is a very new thing for me, and it can make me stop and wonder if I'm hallucinating at times.

Plus my husband adores teasing me about it. 

Also, I feel really honored by the fact that several people have repinned pictures of *my* nail art to their nail boards on pinterest. I have a separate board on my pinterest page for nail art ideas I'd like to try and for my own nail art that I've done. (I'm only putting up pictures of the nail art I've already discussed in this blog. :) And several people have repinned pictures of my tiger stripe this week, as well as having one person repin my poinsettias and one my green taping & glitter nails. This just...flabbergasts me. MY nails being repinned by people in with all these other amazing pictures of nail art. People who don't know me, and have no reason to tell me my nails are pretty. It leaves me speechless.

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