Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Ezili Freda Watercolour

I have a friend who is a Voudon priestess (though she may have a different title within the religion, this is what I call her, as I am not familiar with all of their terms.)  

"Ro, why the ::bleeep:: should I care about what religion your friends are?" 

I can hear you, you know... I don't expect you to care, so there! :P There is actually a reason I'm telling you, though. She invites her friends when she holds feasts for the loas, and this past weekend was a feast for Ezili Freda. 

"Ahhh, that's what the title of the post meant." 

See, told you I could hear you. I'm psychic, you know. ^_^ Anyway, her colours are pink, pale blue, and white. Since as you may have read on this blog, I don't do pastels, I didn't have any clothes to suit those suggestions (well, I have a few white shirts.) So instead, I wore a red skirt with a white shirt, and I did my nails for the occasion! (You expected anything less?)

My very first watercolour! After applying my Sally Hansen Miracle Cure as a base coat, I started with two coats of Sally Hansen White On. I then added one or two drops of China Glaze Sex on the Beach to one nail, took a paint brush dipped in acetone, and blobbed the colour around. After doing this on each nail, I went on to repeat this step with each of the following colours, one at a time: Sinful Colors Courtney Orange, a Pure Ice purple glitter that I've had for years and no longer has a color name sticker, and finally Zoya Karina. After all of that dried on both hands, I added a coat of Zoya Fleck Effects - Chloe to top it all off!

A few more views, with and without flash (I think it's obvious which is which!)


Well, I don't know if Freda appreciated my nails, but the other ladies at the party did, and I hope you did, too!


  1. it may be just a hobby... but THIS looks like a horrible desease, sorry.
    better stay all natural than this.

    1. LOL! You should see some of the really good artists' posts around Halloween!

      Looking at the pictures with your comment in mind, I can totally see what you mean, but I promise that in person they didn't look diseased at all. :)