Sunday, February 26, 2012

Another entry in the giveaway day roll!

Glitter Obsession has reached 300 followers, and she's having an amazingly generous 300-follower giveaway! She's giving to a lucky winner this haul: 1 bottle of Seche Vite, 1 Sally Hansen Glass Slipper, 1 Hard Candy Beetle, 1 Hard Candy Matte Top Coat, 1 Migi Art pen in metallic green and bronze, and 1 Migi Art pen with rhinestones and topcoat. That's a HUGE amount of gorgeousness there - and here's the picture to prove it!

I know why I haven't been following this blog for long - she does a lot of swatching on both nail polish and makeup, and when I started following blogs I was only looking for freehand nail art, because that's what I am learning how to do. But I should have started following this blog sooner, because she does have some great nail art gems in there, and I've learned to seriously appreciate the swatching. I'm still going to skip over the makeup posts, but you know what? Most women *like* makeup, even if I don't, so I'm definitely going to recommend her blog to others! :) You should check it out.

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