Saturday, February 25, 2012

Green Ocean Grades

My Zoya Verushucka didn't manage to stay on my nails too long. The flakies were crying out to be tried! I had this gorgeous unopened bottle of green ocean that begged to be used. So use it, I did!

I started with a base of Sinful Colors Cinderella, and for a girl who doesn't like pastels, it means a lot for me to say that is such a pretty color. I then sponged on some China Glaze Tree Hugger, followed by Sinful Colors San Franciso on the ends. After that I liberally layered on the long-awaited (okay, so I first saw swatches about a month ago, that wasn't -too- long of a wait ;) Sinful Colors Green Ocean. I then made the mistake of putting a layer of top coat on top of it. I say mistake because my index finger went dull. The flakes no longer shone and glimmered, they just sort of lay there a solemn milky blue. I'm sure I've read other bloggers using top coat with flakies, but what do I know?

Here, this was the best picture I caught to show you the difference between that one finger and the rest. I honestly have no idea what happened here.

And a few more images of the prettiness, just because I spent the next few days wiggling my fingers to watch the shimmer.


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