Sunday, February 12, 2012

Gotta love the gimmes!

Heh. Lacquer Me Silly is having a Super Freakin' Awesome Giveaway! (Hey, she named it, not me!) Nonetheless, it really is super freakin' awesome. She's offering Cult Nails – Living Water, A England – Ascalon, Lynnderella – Ruby Red Ruby, Nerd Lacquer – Pinin’ for the Fjords, and Dollish Polish – Random Dancing! Gotta say, Lynnderella and Nerd Lacquer are both on my "GOTTA get me some of these!" lists, Dollish Polish has some fab glitters, and what I've seen of Cult Nails and A England on all these blogs shows some cooooool things as well.

And Lacquer Me Silly looks like a pretty great blog. I hadn't followed her before, because I'm pretty much looking for nail art examples that I can do, so I'm mostly following blogs that are heavy on the art and lighter on the swatching, but she's got great writing and some gorgeous pictures reviewing a lot of great polishes!

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