Friday, February 10, 2012

From the file drawer: December 26

Having shown you what's currently on my nails, my next post is about what I've done since I started this nail art thingie. (That's a technical term, that is.)

Back in December, just having recently purchased a set of nail art brushes, and eagerly browsing youtube for tutorials (I hadn't yet discovered the wonders of the blogs!) I decided to try my hand at poinsettias. Yes, that's actually what those are supposed to be... Let's not even talk about my horrid first attempt at french tips. *grin*

On funner topics (that's not a technical term, but it makes me smile anyway), I do have a few more pictures today that are new. First, I have mentioned (briefly) my 7-year-old daughter. Her name's Brianna, and she's...well, the way I've learned to describe her is to say that she's a cross between Wednesday Addams and Princess Barbie. How she manages to make pink and purple look goth I couldn't tell you, but she does occasionally manage it. On other days, she just switches back and forth. Yeah, trying to explain any further is just babbling. ^_^ But the reason I bring her up is that she did her nails tonight.

China Glaze Frostbite for the base, and Sally Hansen Inventive Frost for the stripes. Yes, she used my nail art brush. The detailer, though, not the striper. When she uses the striper it comes out *more* wavy! :)

And I spent my evening, in between blog surfing, creating some...okay, here's where the fact that I'm new to this comes out. I don't know what these are *called*. Transfers? Home made stickers? Somebody tell me. But anyway, I made some of whatever-they-are on plastic for this weekend's manicure.

(The white blob at top is just that - a blob. It was coming out bigger than it should've been and shaped wrong, so I scooped up the puddled polish and started over in another spot.) ^_^

I'm currently planning to put the black-backed ones on one hand, and the white ones on the other...but I'm not real consistent with following through on my initial plans. I need to work more on the designing before I jump in and start painting.

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