Saturday, February 18, 2012

Fantasy Fire Giveaway!

Polish Ninja (and I love that name!) is giving away a bottle of Max Factor Fantasy Fire! I desperately want this polish. Not that I'm holding my breath to win the giveaway (but really, isn't she awesome for offering it?) but I have NO IDEA where to buy this polish! I don't see it available online anywhere but ebay, where it's going for an average of $40 (American)!! Yeah, I love the polish, but I'm not spending that much on any one polish. :)

So if anybody knows where you can buy this polish in America? I can't even seem to find who carries the brand. Max Factor's website is SINGULARLY the most non-useful commercial website I've ever seen. An international online seller would be fine if I could get it for less than $20 including shipping.



  1. I got my bottle of Fantasy Fire in a swap with someone from the UK over on Makeup Alley. I highly recommend it. It's only £3.99 there and all you have to do is find something that they want in exchange :)

    1. I finally found out earlier this morning that it was a UK-only polish. The only blog post I have found that even mentioned that was from back in mid-January on a blog I just found today. :) So I'm gonna ask a friend who lives in Scotland to see if she can find it for me. I didn't even have a place to start until today! :) THANKS!