Friday, February 24, 2012

Nail Mail Deals!

I took advantage of two great online deals this past month. Zoya was giving away our choice of one of their red polishes with a purchase of any other, for Valentine's Day. And Gilt City had $40 coupons for $20 (including free shipping), plus if you were a new customer, you got a $15 credit. So the $40 coupon cost me $5. I went slightly over the $40, so I paid another $4 for my order, so I got $44 worth of polishes for $9! That's a HAUL!

My Zoya choices were Veruschuka and Karina. Well, the website lists the name of that first one as Veruschuka, and that's what my invoice says, but the bottle says Veruschka. ::shrug:: Here are my pretties:

My haul? Take a look!

From left to right, I bought: CND Shimmer Effects - Gold Shimmer, Zoya Fleck Effects - Chloe & Opal, and Essie LuxEffects - As Gold As It Gets and Shine of the Times! My stash now has a LOT of special effects polishes! Let's take a comparison look at my polish stash. Here it is back in January:
On February 17 I had to expand to a bigger box after I hit the Sinful Colors sale at Walgreen's:
And now? Check out how much more full that puppy is!
On the top left I have the polishes I bought for trading/giveaway, though I apparently need to pick up another bottle of that blue glitter (Pure Ice Strapless) because as soon as my daughter saw it she complained that I'd bought it to swap with someone. On the bottom right I have all my glitters/special effects. (Oooh I just realized I forgot to take a picture the day I picked up Green Ocean at Walgreen's & the Pure Ice at Walmart, because I also bought a couple of cheap crackles on sale and I don't remember what else.) My whites and blacks are mixed in there, too. Actually, this picture is turned sideways - the picture above it is the angle I usually look at my polishes, and on the left (top left in this picture, just to the "right" of the rhinestone wheels) are my base/top coats, and then all the polishes are organized clockwise in a rainbow (yes, I'm geek enough that they're in ROYGBIV order!) The browns are kind of in the middle, to the side of the orange/yellows.

If I want to continue to contend this is just a hobby, I need to not buy any more polish for a while! :) I have some contest-winning polish coming in the mail, and I have a Girly Bits order that will be processed tomorrow, but after that, NADA! I will buy China Glaze Capitol Colours later in the year, definitely (or at least 5 or 6 of them), but for now I'm done for a while. I've got quite the palette for making nearly any nail art my heart desires for the time being, and it's going to be a *while* before I've used all of what I've got.

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  1. Hey! Thanks for leaving the link to your blog on the post! Now following you.

    I love the name of your blog. It's just a hobby. Lol.. That what we tell ourselves till the hobby starts to cost a fortune. Lol..

    ANyhoo, lovely colors here! I can totally see Veruschuka and Karina being really good for Christmas manicure! Pretty choices.

    And Hecks yeah on the Big Haul!!!! Isn't that just the best of the best?!!!
    You absolutely got some great looking polishes!

    Yay for Girly Bits order! I'd love to see what you got. :-)