Thursday, February 23, 2012

From the File Drawer - January 16

Back in January I got my first nail mail. I had ordered a bunch of rhinestone wheels, glitter powder, and some striping tape. It was an awesome ebay haul, as I got the entire bunch for only $10! It took about four weeks to get to me from Hong Kong, but I wasn't complaining for the prices and free shipping. This is what I got at the time:
And a closeup of all the different rhinestones!
I got 8 wheels of rhinestones, 12 colors of glitter powder, and 12 colors of striping tape for less than $10. Definitely worth the wait.

So that week, I needed to use some of my new bling. The manicure that resulted was this:

The base coat of green is NYC Big Money Frost. My first attempt at taping went okay, though it didn't come off with neat lines on the corners. I needed to work on taping off the edges better. Anyway, the brown on the accent nails and on the taping is China Glaze Unplugged. Then I added a gold foil strip on the tape lines, some yellow glitter on the tips, three rhinestones on each accent nail (thumb on my left, ring finger on my right) and three glitter trails. Didn't all come out exactly as I pictured it, but still awesomeness! :) I didn't know until I had it on my fingers that the "gold" glitter was very multi-colored! As you can see in the first haul picture (I used the glitter shown on the bottom left) it looked just gold...until it was on the nail, and then all sorts of pretty colors popped out!

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