Sunday, February 12, 2012

Week 7: Valentine's Day

Somewhere along the line, I'll go back and do weeks 1-5 themes, since I dropped into this challenge on week 6. :) But this week is, of course, Valentine's Day. I originally had planned to do a plaid, with hearts and flowers on the accent nails. However, no matter how I tried it out ahead of time, I couldn't do a plaid that looked decent. Gave it up and decided to do dots! Still got hearts and flowers, though. (I mean, I had those pre-made heart transfers that I did the other day, so I had to have hearts somewhere! I ended up putting the red-on-white heart actually on top of the pink-on-white heart, and it really made a cool look, I think.  :)

As always, the left hand comes out far closer to the image in my mind that I was going for. The right hand, however...

Yeah, not as good with the dots as I wanted to be. I didn't even *try* to do roses on that hand. It would have just annoyed me, I'm sure.

Standard color run-down: the base color is two coats of NYC Prospect Park Pink. This polish was bought strictly for my Princess Wednesday Barbie Addams - I totally expected never to wear it. I HATE pink! The dots are in China Glaze Go Crazy Red, CG Reggae to Riches, and Sally Hansen White On and CG Black Diamond, depending on the hand.

Hopefully the next manicure I can get back to some nice greens and browns. I'm sick and tired of pink. (Yes, two manicures with pink is at least one too many for me. :)

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