Wednesday, February 15, 2012

From the File Drawer

I totally meant to do my archived nail post tomorrow on my lunch break, except for one problem. I had a big chip off one of my nails this evening, so it was time to do a new mani. And if I'm going to alternate posts between current and past until I'm caught up? I need to do my archive post tonight. :)

The next up on my list is the first manicure I did this year, on January 2, 2012. It was my first attempt at a gradient, and I wasn't happy with the way the sponging turned out. So I pulled out a technique I'd seen on Robin Moses, and I put drops of the paint on a palette next to each other, then used a fan brush to pick up all the colors at once, and brushed it across my nail. It requires a lot of clean up after, but it's still my preferred method of doing a gradient.

It was pretty simple, and I wanted just a bit more sparkle, so I added some glitter powder along the tips. It was still simple after that, but I was happy with it. :) My third-manicure-EVER that consisted of more than base coat, polish, top coat!

Forecast says there should be sun tomorrow, so while I'll take some pictures of my new manicure tonight, I'll try and get some in the sunshine tomorrow and have a post up for you tomorrow night. Happy mani's, everybody!

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