Friday, February 17, 2012

Haul Aboard!

Sue me, I like puns. They don't have to be good ones. :)

I had planned to hit Walgreen's on the way home from work today to pick up a quick dry product for my nail art and a late Valentine's Day present for my hubby. (I picked up pizza on the way home on Tuesday, and he appreciated hot yummy pizza more than he would chocolate...though he really liked getting his favorite candy today!) However, having found out from all you fabulous bloggers out there that Walgreen's was having a sale on Sinful Colors? Well, I knew I was going to increase my stash. I decided that I could afford to pick up 10 before my boytoy would start rolling his eyes at me about spending so much money on a "hobby". (Holding back the comment on how much the amplifier he's eyeing on ebay costs...) Although in the end I couldn't narrow it down quite that much and ended up with 12.

I could have saved myself $3 more dollars, but my honest nature couldn't let the clerk ring up the quick dry as just another polish. ^_^

Without further new stash pretties!

The picture above shows the colours better than my close-ups do, for some reason. But I just don't have good lighting to capture the darker colours.

Here we have Rich in Heart, Snow Me White (because I've already learned you can never have too much white polish when doing nail art...I've gone through a surprising amount of the white bottle I originally bought!) and Secret Admirer.
I'm really looking forward to seeing how these two dark ones look on my nails. I probably wouldn't have picked up Rich in Heart just based on the bottle, but I've browsed around for SC swatches the last few days and it looks more purple-brown than purple-red on the nail. If Secret Admirer looks as good on the nail as it does in the bottle, I think it would make the perfect background for a starry sky or a galaxy nails.

Next up, we have Call You Later, Exotic Green, and San Francisco. Again, the group picture up top is far more color accurate.

The third batch is purples and blues (why, yes, I'm mildly organizationally obsessive, why do you ask?) We have what looks to be an adorable purple sparkle, Daddy's Girl. I've noticed in a lot of other blog's swatches, the bottle looks more indigo than violet, but it's a nice rich purple on the nail. Next is a lavender shimmerfest, Purple Diamond. And last, but never least, is obviously Cinderella. Unsurprisingly, my 7-year-old daughter squealed at this color. Though, given that she's my Princess Wednesday Barbie Addams, she also squealed over Secret Admirer and she especially liked Call You Later.

And the fourth batch of threes, the browns! (Okay, okay, one of 'em is orange, but that's the next closest color to brown, right? :)  Here we have my favourite of the entire haul, All About You! Then This Is It and Courtney Orange. Again, the colour in the top photo is a better match, but even that one makes This Is It look more yellow than it does to my eyes.

Now, realize that before I picked up these new polishes, this is what my polish stash looked like:

As you can see, my box was rather full already! No way was I going to fit another twelve polishes and a quick dry bottle in there! So I looked around to see what other storage container I could snag from somewhere else in the house, and now my stash looks like this:

The size of the old polish home vs. the new:

I know there's lots of nail bloggers out there with full helmers (or more!) but for me, the non-girly girl, that's a LOT of polish!

My current plan for this weekend's manicure (week 8 - Corsets!) is to use Secret Admirer, Daddy's Girl and Purple Diamond. No promises, though...I think this Wednesday's green taping mani was the first one I'd ever had that actually came out exactly as I planned it!


  1. I looove All About you! my bottle is already half empty :D it just looks so pretty over so many things! Glad to see your stash is growing. I started doing this with less than 20 nail polishes, now I have a freakin ton of them! there are just so many pretty colors out there lol

  2. Sweet! My first comment! My hubby was laughing at me when I came home with polishes, but I don't think he's going to do that again since I convinced him to buy that amp he was eyeing when he found it used for $300. :)

  3. This is a great haul! I love Sinful Colors, certainly a GREAT polish for the tiny dollars!