Sunday, February 19, 2012

From the File Drawer

Continuing to alternate between posts of my current manicures and the ones I did before I started this blog, the next in the file is the mani I did on January 8.

I used China Glaze - Solar Power, Coral Star, and Go Crazy Red for the base gradient. I put a drop of each next to each other on a palette, then using a fan brush, I brushed it onto my nail all at once. This provides the best seamless shading I've found. Requires a lot of clean-up, because you get pain all over your nail, but it comes up pretty easily, too, so I haven't bothered taping off my finger when doing it. Then using a detail brush, I used China Glaze - Black Diamond to add the tiger stripes.

I could see using the same yellow/orange/red gradient and then using a dark color to outline flames - I think that would be impressive looking. It's in my idea file, anyway. :)

This week's challenge is corsets. I've got my colors picked and my idea mapped out. Moisturizing my cuticles as I type. See you later for my new manicure!

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  1. I love that gradient! I had never heard of the fan brush technique before. Ill have to try it out :)