Thursday, February 16, 2012

Wacky Wednesdays!

At one point, I'm sure that I said I was going to do nail art on my fingers ONCE a WEEK. However, for the last three weeks, my nails have decided to stage a rebellion on Wednesday night. One week I broke the tip of one of  my nails, and about half the polish came up with it. The next week a couple-millimeter sized piece of my thumbnail decided to get flaky. This week half the polish on my pinky finger decided to chip off (and I didn't bang it or anything, I just looked down and it wasn't there.)

So apparently my nails have decided that I must have a new manicure twice a week instead of just once. I still contend this is just a hobby. Pay no attention to the amount of time I spend on the web looking at things that pertain to nail polish...

I have created a successful tape mani! Woo, and I say, hoo! Even following all the tips and tricks found all over the blogosphere, however, still resulted in having to redo one of my nails when the base polish peeled up with the tape. Only one out of ten, though, and I consider that a success! :)

The base colour on this week's pretties is China Glaze Tree Hugger. Using tape to mark off the triangles, I painted them with NYC Big Money Frost, and sprinkled some pretty green glitter on it. Then I added some bling, and two layers of topcoat later, I have pretty hands! I probably would have been fine with one layer of top coat, but for some reason loose glitter leaves me more paranoid than glitter in a polish. I'm always left thinking that even a light touch will brush it up off!

I thought I was pretty messy with it, given how I had a dusting of green sparklies all over my pants when I was done, but I didn't realize just how much glitter got everywhere until I was getting ready for work this morning. Glancing in the mirror while brushing my hair, I spotted a few pieces of stray glitter on my face. And then when I went to wipe them off with a damp washrag? Tilting my face just right showed another...and another...until I'd spent a ridiculous amount of time looking absurd, tilting my face this way and that way, because that darned glitter was completely invisible until the light hit it just right! It's a good thing I'm easily amused, so I was giggly instead of annoyed at it. ^_^

I took these pictures last night after I finished my manicure - I decided to go ahead and post the second one even though it's a little blurry because it shows the glitter sparkle so nicely.

And since it was supposed to be sunny today, I took my camera with me to work to see if I could catch some pictures in better lighting. I'm still learning the techniques needed to take pictures of my nails, though (not the least of which is my hand doesn't naturally curl that way! grrrrr) so forgive me if they're not the greatest.

I'll have another file drawer post up in a day or two, and then this weekend's 52-Week Challenge theme is CORSETS! Again with the woo and hooing! :)

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