Monday, June 25, 2012

MSMD Monday Mani

This is the latest picture to be added to be Pinterest nail art board, and so when I was trying to figure out what to do with my nails this time around, I decided I could make a rendition of this. I had to leave out certain elements because my nails are just not this long, so if I added glitter and rhinestones it would be way too busy! :)

I also just got a new polish in the mail, Rimmel Burgundy Flirt, and I thought it would be interesting to use it for this. I hardly ever have red nails! Please forgive the condition of my cuticles - my poor hands have been having a rough week! And I'm out of the Jack Black lotion I had. See me pout. :(

So after a base of my first Rimmel polish ever, I used striping tape to block off two lines, and put China Glaze Liquid Leather over the bottom portion, and Sex on the Beach for the center pink stripe. I also put Liquid Leather on the bottom half of my accent nail. I put one coat of Max Factor Fantasy Fire over the Liquid Leather, and across the entire accent nail. The diagonal line where the base color changes from burgundy to black on my accent nails is a lot more prominent in real life, but the entire manicure is such a dark color, I really couldn't capture it on the camera. I used Sinful Colors Secret Admirer to stripe both sides of the pink area, and then used a detail brush to draw the spirals.

I might have had better pictures if the sun had been shining the day I did these, but the outdoor pictures still came out clearer than the indoor lighting.

I also had a bit of a problem with a nail lately. The severe flaking that was in the middle of my nails when I used the Nail Life base coat have now grown out past my nail beds. This is why both of my thumbnails are so short - they both broke off nearly as soon as the weak spot grew out. This time, however, I was having problems with the middle nail on my right hand. First the squoval corner broke off, so I rounded the end. Then I got a crack across the end, but it didn't quite break. So I used the tea bag method for the first time to patch it so it would stay the same length as the rest of my nails...but for some reason something about what I did made the shape of my nail...well, obviously I don't think my nail actually changed shape, but the appearance of it changed. I have no idea why, though I'll probably figure it out some time over the next few weeks with changing manis.

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