Monday, June 4, 2012

Week 23 - Ombre Mani

Week 23 in our Year of Challenges is an "Ombré Mani". Having discussed the difference between "ombré" and "gradient" (which is coming up in week 28) the nail polish community (isn't that weird to think of us as a "community"?) has decided that ombré means different shades of the same color, whereas "gradient" is a blending change between two or more different colors. A gradient can be an ombré, and an ombré can be done in a gradient, but specifically, gradient refers to shading between two or more colors on a single nail, and ombré refers to different shades of the same color (usually, but not always, done on separate nails.)

Now that we're even more muddled than we started, here's what I ended up with! :)

I swear that pinky finger is actually a green shade - if you hold that nail next to a blue, it looks very green; however, when you put it next to greens, it shows how much bluer it is than the others. Regrettably, I don't really have any other green of the right level of paleness to use there, and while I tried, I determined that I suck at mixing a single color with varying levels of white to make lighter shades. I did try. It came out very grey-green looking, so I decided to just use multiple polishes rather than a single polish with my pitiful attempt at lightening.

From thumb to pinky, I used Nubar Forest, Sinful Colors Exotic Green, China Glaze Treehugger, Sinful Colors Innocent, and that blue/green is China Glaze Re-Fresh Mint. I believe I just used two coats of each color. I was apparently less even with the second layer of top coat, after attaching the rhinestones, than I had thought. It didn't show up at all looking on my nails, even after seeing it in the pictures.

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