Saturday, June 16, 2012

NYC Broadway Burgundy Frost - Old Vs. New

I've had a bottle of NYC Broadway Burgundy Frost sitting in my stash for longer than I've been doing nail art. This is one of those polishes that I have no clue when or where I bought it or how long it's been sitting in a plastic bin under my bathroom sink for all those years that I wore polish maybe once or twice a year. But given that the bottle is nearly half-empty, it's been quite a while!

You probably won't remember, but I've been looking for a red micro-glitter since I did V's nails for Memorial Day. The needle marble was outlined with Pure Ice Strapless on one side and a frankened red glitter on the other, because I don't have any red glitter polishes. I've been looking since then, and I'm not sure that one exists! The only suggestion I've been given on Facebook is China Glaze Ruby Pumps, which I'll be buying the next time I polish haul, but I've also been looking around.

I was at a different WalMart a few weeks ago (to buy my nail polish shelf that I posted about earlier) and I took the time to peruse the polish shelves. They had several brands that I'd heard Wally World carried, but weren't at my local store, including Hard Candy (I picked up Beetle - how could I not?!) but they also had more colors of some of the brands I do see regularly, such as NYC. I saw one that looked like it might be what I was looking's a rich medium-red base, and the bottle definitely looked like there might be enough glitter in there to match the PI Strapless...but then I saw the name. Broadway Burgundy Frost?? WTF? I already have that color, and it doesn't look anything like this one.

I bought it anyway, figuring that I was either misremembering the name of the polish I owned, or one of them was mislabeled...and worst case, if they actually did look the same when I got it home, I could put it in my giveaway stash.

Even the barest glance showed these two polishes were very, very different...but it took a lot of trial and error before I found a lighting situation where the differences would show up on camera!

Here they are, 2 coats each, on clear swatch sticks:

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