Monday, June 11, 2012

How Do You Stash Your Stash?

My storage saga for my nail polish has been an interesting journey. Especially when you consider I've been doing nail art for less than a year. Barely over six months, in fact! When I started buying polishes, I put them in a plastic drawer bin:

Then I outgrew that bin, so I pulled out a bigger drawer.

Then I outgrew even that. I spent a lot of time trying to figure out what sort of storage system I could create with very little money. I was considering getting a bookshelf and then adding some sort of tiered mini-shelves onto each shelf, so I could see all the colors even to the back. But while browsing for shelves, I discovered there is a type of shelf, designed like a bookshelf, but not as deep: DVD shelving. So I found a nice DVD/media storage shelf at Walmart for only $20, short enough to sit next to my desk but not block the window, and I ordered it ship-to-store. And I waited. And waited. And then I got a refund, with no explanation whatsoever. Our theory is that it was damaged on the way to the store. Whatever. Rather than trying again, I headed down to the bigger Walmart in town to see what they had available. I discovered the same shelving system...but I also discovered that the one that's person-height? Is built in two halves. The long side boards only go half-way up, which allowed me to put it together as a short shelf, but I still have the rest of it and when my polish started to overflow this shelf, I can add the second half to it! Yay! So here's my current polish stash:

A closer look at the top half shows that I have my acetone & polish thinner, swatching sticks, and various nail art tools on the top of the shelf. First shelf down holds my indie polishes, Nubar, all my top & base coats, my two (2!) lonely OPIs, and I put my Milani whites there just because I grab them all the d*mn time. :) Second shelf has NYC, Essie (my one lonely CND is there, too, because it has similar effects to the Essies I own), Sinful Colors, and Sally Hansen.

The close-up of the bottom half of the shelf shows that on the third shelf down, I have Zoya, Pure Ice, and allllllll my China Glazes. Yep, I've got a lot of those (not least for buying the entire Capitol Colors Collection...Thank you Victoria Nail Supply for $2.75 CGs! ;) Last but not least, the bottom shelf holds all my glitters, rhinestones, etc., in a little plastic bin, my duplicate polishes for some future giveaway, all my random brands that I only own a single color of, and my magnetics & crackles. Also the few wee frankened colors I've made for some manicure or other.

On the left of my shelf, I've re-located the bin that used to hold my polish, but now holds the kids coloring books, paper, and other art supplies. A variety of nail art supplies sits on top of it. And, I just realized, a few mini polishes that I had in a bag to keep from losing them in the chaos of the drawer. I should take those out and figure out a place for them on the shelves. ^_^

So there's my stash storage solution! What do you think? :)

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