Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Blue and Brown Somethings...

What do you see when you look at these nails?

The first co-worker I showed them to this morning said they looked like waterfalls, so I asked all of my nail art following co-workers what they saw when they looked at them. The next person said they looked like pillar rock formations, though she wasn't sure what the white dots would be. The third said they were abstract, but gorgeous.
Now, maybe it's because I spend so much of my time staring at nail art blogs, but when I see these,

 they automatically make me think of these:
Which, of course, is the picture I based this nail art on, though I didn't come anywhere near that vibrant shade of blue. I did my best, though, by laying Sinful Colors Cinderella over a base of Sally Hansen Blue Me Away! The combination actually is a bit lighter than it looks in these pictures. I'm not quite sure how taking these pictures in the bright sunlight actually made the colors look darker than they really are, but I'm not an expert on the physics of light, cameras, and color recognition. I just "see pretty, aim camera, click button!" (Okay, I'm a bit better than that - I'm capable of hitting the macro button, turning off the flash, and getting the autofocus to focus correctly...most of the time. :)

Over the beautiful blue, I used China Glaze Unplugged and then layered over it some Pure Ice Magic to get as close to that gorgeous brown shade as I could. I also attempted to give it that feathered look up near the edge of the brown, but I'm not sure if I succeeded or just made it look messy. A dotting tool and Milani Whitest White and poof! we have spots. And for once I managed to get my cuticles all nice and moisturized before taking the pictures! :) Well, mostly, anyway. :P Now if I could just figure out how to pose my fingers so they look graceful, despite them not being straight. You wouldn't believe the difficult in lining up your fingernails for a picture when my longest finger is almost twice the length of my shortest one (no, I'm not counting the thumb!) and my fingers themselves all curve slightly inward like I've been wearing pointy-toed shoes on my hands for too long! It's also why you'll hardly ever see shots with me holding a polish bottle. It's hard enough to line those nails up when I only have to worry about positioning my hand. It's 1,000 times harder trying to gracefully pose my fingers on an odd shape of varying diameter. I still try from time to time, though, because they look so coooool on other people's blogs. :) I need to make a silliness crown so I can call myself the Queen of Silly.


  1. Replies
    1. Aww, thanks! :) I'm always so critical of my own nails (especially since I'm constantly comparing them to the experts I see all over the net) so hearing that they're good from other nail people makes me tingly. ^_^

  2. I instantly saw butterflies, too! I love these they are so gorgeous!

    1. My friend V (whose nails I do regularly) also saw butterflies. Just asked another co-worker this morning, who wasn't here yesterday - she saw the rock formations like one of yesterday's batch. :P Apparently people who regularly look at nail art see the butterflies right away. Nuggles, not so much. ^_^

      **whispers to the side - NS, you know you're my favourite nuggle, even if you do see rock formations!**

  3. For what it's worth, I saw butterfly wings right away, although I do try to keep track of your nail art.