Friday, March 9, 2012

Skittle Into Greener Pastures

Before we get into the prettiness that is my green skittled nails today, can I just say something? I love St. Patrick's Day as much as the next Irish-Cherokee girl. Believe me, you'll hear me rocking my Irish accent a lot next week. But seriously, people, a quarter of my wardrobe is green! (I'd have to say half is black & brown, nearly every day I'm wearing something either black or brown, and adding a color to it, mostly green, a lot of red, and the occasional jewel tone blue or purple.) So you know, every time I put green somewhere on my nails as early as a month before St. Patrick's Day, you do not have to tell me how I'm celebrating it early, or it's "perfect for St. Patty's", or any variation along those lines. Seriously, I first started hearing it back on February 15 when I had that green taped mani. It was the day after Valentine's Day, peoples. I was not thinking about all things Irish yet! I've had three other manis (including today's) since then that featured green somewhere in it. Every. Single. Time. My. Co-workers. Tell. Me. It's. Great. For. St. Patrick's. Day. Every person (like 5 people in my office check out my nails regularly), every manicure with green, since February 15. That adds UP and I'm annoyed by it, since I won't start wearing SPD nails til NEXT WEEK!

::deeeeep breath::

Okay, you can relax. I'm done ranting now. :) I just needed to say that somewhere, 'cause you know, I'm not saying it to the co-workers who are cooing over how cute my nail polish is! ::LOL::

On to what you came here for! My skittles! As you saw earlier this week, I got some awesome green Nubar in my nail mail. When I got home from work on Wednesday, I had the creme of the crop waiting for me! I had the most adorable package from Girly Bits in the mail!

Look at this. I took way too many pictures in as many angles as I could to catch the colour change on this baby. I'll just share a few to spare you. :)

And here's what I put on my nails! From thumb to pinky, in order, this is Nubar Forest, Girly Bits Street Magic, Nubar Reclaim, 2010, and Nubar Greener. Street Magic and 2010 were two coats each over two coats of NYC Black Lace Creme. The other three were three coats each.

Now, you've got to see the colour changes the Street Magic and 2010 go through. This first picture shows the way the colours look most of the time. Street Magic is this rich, deep emerald over the black, and 2010 tends to waver between red/copper/yellow when looking straight at them.

However, I did manage to catch some good pictures of the depth of color change through the angles. Check this out!

And a bonus mani for you! My daughter Brianna did her nails yesterday, and here's what she did! I think she picked up on the accent nail effect. :)

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