Thursday, March 29, 2012

It's a Girly Giveaway!

As you can tell from previous posts, I'm all about the nail art. I do, however, subscribe to a few blogs that aren't, or aren't exclusively, about nail art. One of the very few completely non-nail variety that I enjoy is Girly Do's. I'm *not* a girly girl (when I was younger, I always wore shorts under my skirts because even if I liked the swishy skirt feeling, it wasn't going to stop me from climbing fences and trees and doing gymnastics! :) but I do have very long, straight hair (it goes down to my waist) and my daughter has very thick, wavy hair just past her shoulders. So hair styles, especially different braids, are always of interest to me. And Girly Do's is an excellent blog with easy-to-understand tutorials, some done by the author's daughter herself! (My Brianna -loves- watching those!)

Having done the obligatory introduction (yes, I feel obliged to say something nice about blogs I'm posting giveaways for, but that doesn't mean I ever say anything I don't honestly feel!) here's why I'm writing a post about it: she's having a giveaway! Specifically, a Hello Kitty giveaway. There are two prizes, a stacked bow and a headband, and while I'm not an HK-lover myself, my daughter (the unnatural combination of Princess Barbie and Wednesday Addams that she is...and she somehow makes that work!) actually likes Hello Kitty a lot. And if I were to win the giveaway, and Bri decides she's over that phase (if she's running goth that month rather than pink and ruffles, she might!) then I've also got three or four people in my birthday exchange group that are HK fanatics. ^_^

But you don't care about who I might give the prize to if I win want to know where to go see it yourself! You know the routine - click on the pic!

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