Tuesday, March 27, 2012

It's not the girl on fire...

...but there's definitely some kind of glowing embers on my nails today!

I wasn't sure ahead of time how much of the underwear would show through, so there's two different blacks and two different reds under there, and there's both yellow and orange underneath the flakie on my thumb. The fire is Barielle Elle's Spell, of course, two coats on each nail.

Underneath that great red flakie jelly, on the other hand, differs a bit. on my center two nails, I started with China Glaze Salsa, taped diagonally, and added Sinful Colors Secret Admirer. On the index and pinky  nails, I started with China Glaze Go Crazy Red and topped it with Liquid Leather.

Underneath my thumb's Elle's Spell is one half China Glaze Riveting and one half Sinful Colors This Is It. I was surprised to see just how much those yellow and orange bases make the red of Elle's Spell really pop!

Elle's Spell is the only Barielle my teeny tiny polish stash contains (barely 100 bottles if you're not counting top and base coats), but I'd love to have more. They've got some gorgeous colors out there I'd love to try. I really need to learn how to best use jellies, though. I should probably use more coats of thinner layers; I have a tendency to want to use thick coats for flakies and glitters, to maximize the sparkle, but that didn't work so well with a jelly formula. This is clearly my problem, though, and not the polish's formula, because I've had the same problem with every jelly I've used thus far. I love the way they feel, though, and I'm definitely going to learn to master this wonderful texture!

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  1. This is great! I love that the different colours bring out different facets of the flakies. I don't own any Barielle but that Elle's Spell is fab.