Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Nail Mail: When Friendly Fire IS!

Earlier this month I made an order on EvilBay from two of the many many Hong Kong suppliers of cheap nail art supplies. I wasn't expecting to see the packages start hitting my mailbox in as little as two weeks! This was what I waiting for me when I got home Monday afternoon:

I love fountain pens (I learned calligraphy years ago), and I can't wait to get some acrylic paint to start drawing with them on my nails. The straight swatching sticks I'm going to use for just that - swatching my polish stash (I ordered three packs of 50, since I'm only just over 100 polishes at the moment, but only two have come in so far) and the circle tips I'll be using to test nail art designs before applying them to my nails. Orange sticks, of course, are an obvious need.

My daughter decided to test out the swatching rounds while I was at work.

Do I have an awesome eight-year-old (t-minus eight days and counting!) or what? That's Nubar Greener for the base, and Primark Beauty neon pink on top.

The greatest nail mail of all, however, was coming home Tuesday to find these goodies in my post!

Once upon a time, an old girlfriend of mine (old in the sense that she's not my girlfriend any longer, not old in age, since she's ten years younger than me!) fell in love with a guy from Scotland. He voyaged across the pond to woo her, I conducted their wedding ceremony, and as soon as their paperwork was in order, she joined him in the land of haggis and deep fried Snickers. So when I found a polish I was lemming was only available in the UK, I immediately called her up (for values of "calling" that equal "sending a private message on Facebook") and asked if it was available in her town, and if so, would she buy me a bottle? She told me she'd gotten ahold of it and asked for my address, and I've been waiting to hear how much the final total with shipping was...I assumed her life had gotten busy and she hadn't had a chance to make it to the post office yet. Totally stunned to receive this lovely little gift pack! That two, count them, two! bottles of Max Factor Fantasy Fire there, along with a lovely handmade Lush soap and a nice little selection of Milka. All presented to you by the lovely Avery, doing her impersonation of Vanna White. (Yes, it's my daughter's doll. She insisted that Avery wanted to show off the pretties. :)

Since I still have a bottle of Fantasy Fire (that I actually paid for!) on its way to me from a member of Facebook's Polish-aholics Anonymous who got her hands on a few and offered them up on the group, that will make three little bottles of this gem in my possession! Obviously at least one of them will go into a giveaway at some point, whether a blog giveaway or as part of my birthday exchange group (I'll need to check if any of those ladies have it on their wishlists! :)

Between the FF in transit and the nail art supplies I have winging their way from Hong Kong, who knows what tomorrow's mail may bring!

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  1. Oh youre so lucky!! )= I wish I owned one. If I knew someone who lived there I would totally buy it too!