Thursday, March 1, 2012

From the File Drawer: Feb. 2 - Marbled Waves

I couldn't find which blogger put this idea in my head, but they linked to a Robin Moses tutorial, which is actually what I used to learn to do this, so I'll give you the link for that at the end of the post. I only have the one picture of this manicure, so without further delay:

Obviously I should have put another coat (or two!) of the base colour but I was clearly impatient that day. :P Here are the polishes I used:

Sally Hansen's Sheer French Color for a base, and drops of Celeb City, Pure Ice Splash, and SH White On were swirled together to make the marbled effect. When I showed this mani to my husband he asked if I was going for an ocean look, hence today's title. My sister's comment was, "It's pretty, but I think I'd like it better if it was the whole nail." Well, you can't please everyone! ^_^

So head on over to Robin Moses' youtube channel and check out the tutorial for this technique:

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  1. really neat! they do look a lot like waves. It would be perfect for a summer/beach theme :)