Tuesday, March 6, 2012


Lots and lots of giveaways to enter this week! I'm just going to go in the order I entered them this time. :)

First up, Gnarly Gnails is having a 100-follower giveaway! And check out the pretties she's giving out:

Next up, OMG Noodles is having a giveaway for her birthday, just a bit late. :) She's giving away a bottle of China Glaze Magnetix Drawn to You.

After that, we head on to the Pointless Cafe! She's having a giveaway just because it's Spring, how awesome is that? To enter to win China Glaze Designer Satin, Revlon Stunning, Color Club It's a Hit and the OPI Nice Stems Mini Collection, just click on the following picture:

Moving on to more and more goodie-giving, we head to Glitter Obsession! She's reached 500 followers, but she missed having a giveaway for 400, and she's combining them into one giveaway with two winners! :) Yay! Two lucky ladies (well, most likely ladies, though she's not refusing male entries ;) will each get Finger Paints Asylum, Motley, Flecked, and Flashy, so click the pic to enter!

Before her 100-follower giveaway was even closed (it closes on March 11, so go hit it if you haven't already!) Things I Love At The Moment hit 200! So now she's giving away this, so click on it to enter:

Next in our gaggle of givers is Polished Criminals, who has reached 500 followers. Woohoo! Click on the picture to get a chance to win it:

And last, but never least...actually, I did leave this one for last because she's not having just one giveaway, but THREE! Nail Polish Wars has reached 700 followers, and since 7 is her lucky number, she wanted to make a big deal out of it. And since 3 is her other lucky number, she chose to celebrate this awesomeness by having 3 giveaways! :) Deep breath, here we go...

Part 1 gives you a chance to win Avery & Megan from the Zoya Feel Collection! :) Click on the Zoya to go enter...

Part 2 is a bottle of Revlon Whimsical! And some awesome secret prizes...

Aaaaannnndddd part THREE! This pendant and earrings from Ginger Kitty Designs! Click on the pics to enter! :)

I'll be honest - I get links to a lot more giveaways than I actually post here...but I have these annoying ethics-things which means I don't follow blogs just to enter giveaways. So you only get links here to blogs I actually think are awesome! :) One-stop-shopping for finding great blogs to read!

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