Monday, March 19, 2012

Week 11 - St. Patrick's Day

So this is a little belated - I actually did this manicure back on March 12th, but my family just took our first camping trip this weekend, and I was busy most of the week beforehand either with crazy load at work or planning that trip to try and make sure our first attempt at camping went as smoothly as it could. (Which, given that it was a first camping trip, was closer to a gravel road than glass. But fun was had by all, once the actual trip to get there was over, and both children have declared camping to be "awesome!" so I'm satisfied. :)

As for this manicure, I was quite excited the first day I wore it. I had the first random person compliment my nails! Y'all see them, and my co-workers see them, but nobody else has mentioned them...but on Wednesday a student came in to talk about the IRB process and how to submit her paperwork, and as she was leaving, she said, "By the way, I really like your nails! They're very festive!"

And actually, over the course of the day, three more people would give me the exact same comment on my nails. "They're festive!" In almost the exact same tone of voice, even! So, without further delay, I present to you my FESTIVE St. Patrick's Day manicure! (Which didn't actually survive to St. Patty's Day, but we'll let that one go...)

I didn't manage to record what polishes I used for this one (I did mention I was crazy busy last week, right? I did two manicures that didn't even get photographed, I'm sad to say.) but I'll see what I can do to recall. The base coat was two coats of Milani Whitest White. I'm not sure which Nubar I used for the green french tips, but most likely Greener. It's too dark to have been Reclaim, I think. The silver glitter on the two middle fingers is Essie Set in Stones, and the gold glitter on the index and pinkie is probably Sinful Colors All About You. There's some type of effect coat over the top of the fingers, but I don't remember what and I can't tell by looking at the pictures. The Irish flag was done with Nubar Forest and China Glaze Coral Star.
When I topcoated it, the Milani white spread onto the green, which is why it looks so much lighter than Forest should be.

The one thing I look at this manicure and think I should correct for the future? I need to remember to do my art so that it's right-side up when I'm showing it to other people, not when I'm looking at my own hand! It would be much easier to photograph that way, too! ^_^

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