Monday, April 29, 2013

MSMD - White Roses on Green and Black

It's Monkey See, Monkey Do Monday and I chose to copy this absolutely gorgeous manicure from Raggio di Luna.

I love all of her nail art, I really do. Even this manicure shows how much better she is than me at leaving empty space, and it makes all of her designs look so much more elegant than mine. She shows up on my Pinterest board a lot for inspiration.

To copy her amazing design, I managed to make an all-Sinful Colors manicure. I started with a base of Mint Apple, and my black curve was done with Secret Admirer. The roses are Snow Me White, and I painted the leaves in white as well, then covered the white with San Francisco and added a swoop of Call You Later to each leaf.

Raggio di Luna is also much better than me at photographing her nails. :)

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  1. Great recreation! Perfect manicure for the spring too. I'm posting my MSMD challenge soon today as well :)

  2. Cute mani! Beautiful colors!