Friday, April 12, 2013

Universe in Browns

I'm mostly on a no-buy these days, as I'm waiting on my exchange packages to trickle in, bringing me new polishes from several wonderful ladies and one awesome guy. But occasionally you just have a bad day...or in this case, a bad week...and impulse purchases happen. This, of course, was one of those. I have been eyeing the Revlon Moon Candy's for quite a while, but when Soflajo posted swatches last month of two new colors, I looked up her previous swatches and figured out just which ones I really wanted, and which I could live without. I ended up deciding that Cosmic, Moondust, and Universe were three that were gorgeous and significantly different than any other flakie I already had. (However, based on Nouveau Cheap's review last summer, which clarified that even though it looks a lot like it in pictures, Orbit is significantly different than Green Ocean in real life, I think I need to add that to my list.)

Anyway, I was wandering through the nail polish aisles of my local wally-world, looking for a treat on payday after a stressful week, and I ended up purchasing Universe. I decided to show it off over a skittle of browns, as you can see here.

Starting with my thumb, the base colors are Elevation Polish Temperance, Cherimoya Cappucino, Elevation Polish Cascade, China Glaze Brownstone, and finally the base color that comes in the Universe duo. I love my new brown almost as much as the topper! I tried to take pictures at a variety of angles to show how the flakes shift green-gold-pink. I did do a compilation, showcasing the changes, but what I never could quite capture was how bright the colors were when looking at a 90-degree angle (with the nails directly facing your eyes). If I used a flash, it drowned out the color, and without it, at that 90-degree angle, the nails weren't catching enough of my light source to see it as well in the photo as the eyes can pick up. If it had been a sunny day, I might have had better luck, but I had to make due with internal lighting, and I don't have a light box setup.

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  1. Universe is so pretty. It looks great over all of those browns!