Thursday, April 25, 2013

April Tri-Polish Challenge: Day 4

I was so sad. I love it when my nails get long enough that I have to type with my nails rather than my finger pads. My best friend V trims her nails when they threaten to get that long, but I actually enjoy the click-clack. I'm easily amused! So I was very very sad when my index fingernail decide to peel off right at the quick this past weekend. I trimmed the rest down drastically so the difference in length isn't so pitifully obvious, but there's no helping that index finger. It looks so poor and downtrodden you just feel bad for it!

Anyway, my final entry for the Tri-Polish Challenge for the month of April brings to you the only manicure of the four in which I did not use all three of the colors! I did a plastic wrap marble with China Glaze For Audrey and Sinful Colors Orange Cream. I did try it with my Wet N Wild Sunny Side Up on a few accent nails, but it just looked...ugh. It was seriously icky. You don't even wanna know.

After that I used my largest dotting tool to make white scallops along the edges with my standard Milani Whitest White, then used the smallest and second-smallest dotting tips to make an attempt at lacework. My off-hand looks more like random splotches on the white, but at least two people in my office nail-art-admirers recognized it as lace, so I don't feel too bad about it. :)

My 9-year-old daughter said it looks like Easter Eggs, and if you turn it the other way I think it looks like a cupcake, but whatever you want to call it, at least everyone agrees that it's pretty. :)

As much as I loved doing this, I'm glad it's over for the month. It's hard coming up with four different manicures with the same three polishes! I think I'll make sure next month there's more contrast between my three choices. Having them all be sheer pastels was awkward. Well, For Audrey wasn't sheer, but it was pastel...and the other two were very sheer which made for layering difficulties.

Next month's colors for this challenge will be blue, grey, and red. I'm looking forward to it! In the meantime, check out everybody else's fourth entry to this month's colors:

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  1. Super cute manicure :) I know what you mean about your nails. I broke my ring finger so I had to file all my nails even though it was getting long, lol!