Tuesday, April 16, 2013

April Tri-Polish Challenge: Day 1 - Dotticure

If you haven't noticed, while I love having the hobby of painting pretty things on my nails, I suffer from a lack of creativity. So I use other people and challenges to plan ideas. So when I saw a bunch of other bloggers suddenly posting a new challenge, I looked into it. And I liked it! So this month sees me joining in on the Tri-Polish Challenge! Here's how it works: three colors are picked for each month, in this case, we have pink, turquoise, and orange.

You have to choose your three polishes for the colors (hence the "Tri-Polish" name of the challenge) and do four manicures with those three polishes. Each manicure has to use at least two of the polishes, and at least one of the four has to have all three colors. You can also use white, black, silver, gold, or clear-based glitter.

I don't really have any polishes I would consider "turquoise". Honestly? I like turquoise - the stone - but I don't really care for the color on anything else. I love blue, and I love green, but I'm not much of a fan of combining the two. :P I don't remember if I bought China Glaze For Audrey or if someone else picked it up for me, but it is in my stash, however little I've used it, so that's what I pulled out for this month. Oddly enough, the color I picked for "pink" has the word "orange" in the name! It's Sinful Colors Orange Cream, which, especially put up against Wet n Wild Sunny Side Up, clearly is PINK, not orange! Admittedly, it is an orange-tinted pink, but dudes...PINK! Why did you call a pink "orange"?

What's always my first thought for a manicure using disparate colors? Dot those puppies, of course! My co-workers were ooohing over how very springy my nails were! And since it's finally stopped raining nearly every day, I managed to get some outside daylight pictures again. So of course I'm treating you to picture spam. ^_^

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  1. Oh, so pretty! I really like this coral-y kind of shades!

  2. Every time I see dots on others, I LOVE them! But when I try I feel they don't compare...Lovely mani!! =)

    1. Thank you for the compliment, and actually I feel the very same way about my own dotticures! My answer? Practice, as always, makes...well, not perfect, but at least closer to it! ^_^