Sunday, April 29, 2012

Week 18: Hubby's Choice - 101 Dalmatians

My husband told me, several months back, that when I hit 101 nail polishes in my stash, that I ought to do a 101 Dalmatians manicure to celebrate. Well, with winning Girly Bits' giveaway and receiving two polishes in the mail, my total reached 102 nail polishes (not counting base and top coats, thank you!) so as promised, here is my first attempt at cartoon nail art. ^_^

Also, I realized two days later, when I went to check what this week's challenge was for the Year's Challenge that I'm participating in, that this week's theme was, in fact, "Cartoon Mani" - so I had already done this week's challenge and didn't even know it! (So next manicure will be *last* week's challenge, "Earth Appreciation," since I skipped that one. :P

I started with a base of Sally Hansen's White On, which I realized after finishing my swatching sticks is my only one-coat white. I did use two coats on my nails to make sure it was even, but it was pretty close with the one coat. I added dots of China Glaze Liquid Leather in varying sizes. I did my cartoon art, however, on plastic, because I'm not that great at drawing with nail polish, and I'm certainly not good enough to do it left-handed!

Basing my art on this picture of Pongo and Perdita...

...I put down base coats of China Glaze Frostbite for one thumb and Sally Hansen Cardinal for the other to go with their collar colors. Using the method of drawing cartoons that I've seen on Simply Rins and Polish Art Addiction as my guideline (though 1: I don't have acrylic paints so I used nail polish, and 2: I'm clearly nowhere near as good as they are, nor will I ever be!) I started with the whole shape in black, filled in with white, and then added the details. Here's what resulted (though as you can see, I used a different picture to actually work with when drawing Pongo)

They're not fabulous by any stretch of the imagination, and as you can see, my topcoat resulted in a little streaking of the base color, but for a first attempt at drawing cartoons in nail polish? I'm pretty darned stoked by my results! Thankfully, they look so much better in real life than maxi pictures make them look. :)


  1. Wow! This looks fantastic! You did an amazing job with recreating the cartoons.