Sunday, April 8, 2012

Floral Frontiers

Our visiting nail canvas, V, is once again gracing our pages with images of my nail art. Or, you could say, she's shamelessly taking advantage of my new hobby to save money by not going to the salon to get expensive nail art done. ^_^ Honestly, it's a win-win situation. My best friend comes over to hang out, my kids get to see their Aunt V, I get to make more pretties than I can wear on my own's all good! :)

So this manicure I actually flat-out copied from another blogger. paint that nail did a gorgeous neon yellow flower this week that I stuck on my pinterest board. When V asked what we should put on her nails this week, I immediately thought of this:

I did, however, want to do it in a different colour, since yellow is very much not for V. It makes her look jaundiced. I knew, however, that the dusky pink of China Glaze Dress Me Up would be perfect for her. This is my result:

The black is China Glaze Liquid Leather, and the red and silver are from a dollar package of Wet N Wild nail art set of five colors that V picked up for my little girl's birthday yesterday. (She's eight now! Brianna, not V. ;)

I tried to get some more shots, but this was the only one that came in good focus. Dress Me Up was very, very pink-y when I practiced this nail art on a swatching round, but it comes out looking almost nude on V's hands! Not the effect I was going for, but it's pretty. :) I wish I'd gotten a picture of the other hand, also. I didn't realize until I was watermarking the photos that 1) only one of them came out well, and 2) my flower petals got bigger as I went along, and this was the second hand I did. The other one was, in my opinion, a little better. Ah, well, live and learn!


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    1. Thanks, Samantha. I appreciate that. Even if I did copy it from someone else. ^_^

  2. What a lovely mani! And I love that you can share your obsession--and your friends can benefit! =)

    1. Shhh, Amanda! We don't use the O-word here! It's just a HOBBY! (But thanks for the compliment. :)

  3. congrats! i nominated you for the verstile blogger award. check out the link: