Thursday, April 12, 2012

ColorSplash Nails Giveaway!

Three cheers for ColorSplash Nails, who has reached 200 followers! Woo, and I say, HOO! Here's a little factoid about me and my blog reading habits: I read all my subscriptions in Google Reader. I click on the post when I see something I just have to comment on, when there's a cut and I want to read the rest of the post, when I need the URL to pin some gorgeous nail art, or when there's a giveaway. When a giveaway offers extra entries for making a post for the giveaway? I go back to the main blog page and scroll down through the last several posts, so I refresh my memory of why I'm following that particular blog. Yes, I really do this for every giveaway I post here. Which is why I can tell you that I'm SHOCKED that ColorSplash Nails ONLY has 227 followers at this moment! I'm going to guess it's because the blog has only been running since January, because WOW, guys.

I follow ColorSplash Nails because she has everything I look for in a nail blog - great (I repeat, GREAT!) nail art, good swatching, good photography, and even step by step tutorials on some of her art! Seriously, I love this blog, and I've repinned a fair bit of her nail art to my pinterest board. So if you've never been to her blog, you OWE it to yourself to spend some time perusing the archives after you click "follow". Trust me, you will not be sorry!

Okay, the moment you've all been waiting for. (Or, you know, just going "Ro shut up and post the link already!" :) Click here or on the picture and get yourself over to a great blog!

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