Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Nail Noise 50-follower giveaway!

I just found this lovely blog this morning, and I'm so glad I did! I hit the "follow" button after just a few posts. I'm always looking for more nail art to inspire me, but so many of the blogs are just swatching or stamping. Don't get me wrong; I follow a lot of swatching blogs. (I don't follow many blogs whose only art is stamping, though, not because I don't think they're pretty or interesting, but because I don't stamp.) But I'm here for the nail art - polish isn't my hobby, the nail art is. So finding another blog with nail art? That's a squee-worthy morning for me! And a few minutes after I'd hit follow, I found a post where she's having a giveaway! More grins for a Tuesday morning.

Click here or on the picture to check out NailNoise's giveaway, but you should definitely spend some time browsing her archives - I know what I'm doing over my lunch hour today! :)


  1. This was a great blog find! =)

    I'm doing a little giveaway too if you'd like to enter.

    1. I know, right? I love it when I find gems like this! The great swatchers get sooo much traffic, but it's the nail art that I'm after, and it seems like I can find lots of crappy ones, and it's *easy* to find the great artists and professional, but the ordinary joe women and men just painting great art on their own nails? The ones you can look at and go, "Oooh that looks great, I wanna do that on *my* nails!" without feeling like it's an impossible feat for your skills? Those are harder to find, and I get excited when I do find them!

      Also, I'm proud of the fact that I *never* follow a blog just to enter a giveaway. I may find them because of their giveaways (though this one I didn't) but I only follow if I actually like the blog entries!

      Aaaaand since you mentioned a giveaway, I went to check out your blog. I'm thinking I need to check everybody who is following me, honestly, which I've not yet bothered to look at (which is rude, now that I think about it) because your blog is another one of those that I looked at a few posts and went, "Why am I not already following this??"

      So you just got a new follower. And I need to go through the rest of my followers so they don't have to poke me to get me to check them out. :)