Sunday, April 15, 2012

Week 16: Dotticure

Okay, I'll admit. I did this manicure on Thursday before I even looked to see what this week's theme was. And I've been antisocial for the last few days and haven't felt like posting. But here it is Sunday, and I was looking at this week's theme to see if I wanted to use it to redo my nails today...and lo and behold, what's already on my nails fits just perfectly! I also accidentally used only polishes from China Glaze's Capitol Colors Collection, but that actually was an accident. The reason I wanted the collection was that I loved most of the it should be no surprise when they show up on my nails a lot! :)

All right, enough blathering. Here's what you're here for: the nails!

The base color for the index, middle, and pinky fingers is China Glaze Dress Me Up. The base color for the thumb and ring fingers is Mahogany Magic. I added dots in the alternating colors, and then dots on all the fingers in Electrify.

I did learn one important tidbit when doing this manicure - dotting with a glitter can be dangerous. I actually scratched myself a few hours after I did this with a piece of glitter that was sticking up sideways on my nail. I ended up taking a nail file parallel to my nail bed to file down the glitter flat in several places, and then added a second coat of Seche Vite. It still left a few bumps, but no more sharp edges! :)

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