Monday, May 7, 2012

Candy Green

My husband likes to watch car and motorcycle shows. Building, remodeling, jazzing them up - he's very mechanically inclined and he likes learning new things. Plus it's just fun to watch other people doing things you wish you could. He even recorded a show he saw a listing for that he thought I might like to see because it was on painting. Well, painting a car and doing nail art are two very different things, but regardless, I did enjoy watching it. The topic was "candy" paint jobs, what exactly that was, and how it was done. It's more of a technique than a color, you see, and it involves putting down a layer of metallic flake paint or just a metallic color, and then layering multiple layers of a sheer color overtop of that. How many layers you put on determines how deep the color is, while still allowing the metallic shimmer to shine through. We both decided at the end of it that, while interesting, the technique really couldn't be applied to nails unless you were using an airbrush.

Until I was swatching Sinful Colors San Francisco on my swatching sticks. I showed it to him and he thought that would make a really good candy color, which got me to playing. I pulled out my practice rounds and we tried multiple different colors under it (two silvers, a gold, and several different glitters), and I decided that I'd come very close to the metal flake version by using two coats of Essie Set in Stones, which makes as near opaque of glitter as I care to go, under three coats of San Francisco. I prefer the candies with a solid metallic underneath, rather than the flake, but none of my metallic polishes did the job. I'd love to try this again with a Layla Mirror Effect polish!

I think if I ever try this one again, I'll be more careful about keeping the underlayer of glitter from going over the cuticle outline, because they're nearly impossible to get out of there when doing cleanup. But personally, I think it came out gorgeous. This was done on V's nails, and she had given me free reign that day, with no suggestions on what she wanted on her nails. She looked verrrrrry skeptical after that second layer of Set in Stones, though, because while she likes glitter, she's NOT a bling sort of woman, and that was very bling! I assured her it wouldn't be so bright when we were finished, but she didn't look like she was too sure about that. ^_^ She was pretty happy with the end result, though.

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  1. oooh thats a wonderful idea! almost like a glitter sandwhich but without the bottom bun hehe