Monday, September 23, 2013

MSMD - Autumn Color Blocking

I have a hard time with impulse purchases of nail polish this time of the year. I am all about the autumn colors - the vast majority of my wardrobe is black, green, and brown! Yellow pretty much only goes on my nails, but I have some burnt orange in there as well, and the isolated pieces of red, blue, pink, and white for accents, but autumn colors are my colors.

I was really excited about how well this manicure came out, because I adore crisp, clean, sharp lines in a manicure! I'm just usually not good at getting them myself! This color block is a Monkey See Monkey Do version of a manicure that I found on Pinterest posted from, but I always always always go searching for the original source of any picture I post, so this manicure is from Kate at Kate's Mani:

I used Sinful Colors for the entirety of this manicure: Let's Meet, Beau Brique, and Coffee (which is my new favorite brown and shows up in a LOT of the manis I've done the past few weeks!)

Detail oriented people might notice that I missed a stripe from the original on my middle finger. I noticed that, too, but didn't feel like fixing it, though I did add the third stripe on my second hand, because I thought it looked better that way.

And now for any other ladies who decided to Monkey See Monkey Do this Monday!

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