Wednesday, September 18, 2013

A Skittlette of Leaves

I went nearly two week without posting to this blog, but I assure you that I did not go nearly two weeks without doing my nails. I have a backlog of posts where I recorded the polishes I used and took pictures, but I just haven't been in the mood to type up blog entries. Now I can, so I'll have them scheduled every two days for the next few weeks!

For this manicure, I started with three colors that I just wanted to put together. I used Revlon Sunshine Sparkle, Sinful Colors Happy Ending, and Sinful Shine Amazonian. ChitChat Nails has dubbed this a "skittlette" manicure. She defined it in an interview with So Nailicious as follows:

"skit·tle·tte: Not quite a full skittles look, a skittlette manicure is one with at least two different accent nails. Pick any formation you wish, but for a true skittlette at least two nails need to be the same (the others can all be different) OR two pairs of identical nails and a different nail."

As you can see, my thumb is painted in Amazonian, my pinky in Happy Ending, and the index finger has only Sunshine Sparkle. My middle two fingers were painted with Sunshine Sparkle and then I added leaves using Happy Ending and Amazonian.

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