Friday, September 20, 2013

Green Watermarble

This watermarble was supposed to be green and blue. As you can see, it did not come out that way in the end product, but like many manicures, even though it doesn't come out the way I imagined it when I started, it still came out beautiful.

Seriously, after painting a basic white (Milani Whitest White) and top coating it, I used China Glaze For Audrey and Wet N Wild Stand the Test of Lime in my watermarble, but it looks for all the world like I used a mint green and yellow!

This is probably the only manicure style that I can do which comes out prettier on my dominant hand than my other. I accidentally double-dipped the index finger on my left hand, but I liked it enough as an accent and didn't feel like cleaning it off and starting completely over, risking damaging my already done nails by messing with acetone in the process.

I've only done watermarbling very seldom before now, because the taping off of the fingers is such a tedious process that I just hate doing it. However, my bestest friend, V, has just started doing her own nail art, and of course she is starting with watermarble because she already does that very well at my house. I have in the past done the taping of her nails for her, and the cleanup, but she does the marbling herself. So she did research and discovered that other bloggers out there have used chapstick, olive oil, or cuticle oil to keep the lacquer from sticking to their skin, so I decided to give that a try and see if it was easier. So after my nails were prepped, I used my cuticle oil to paint the skin around my finger that would be dipped into the paint, and sure enough, clean-up was a BREEZE! I will definitely be watermarbling more often now - sooo many techniques and designs I want to try!

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