Thursday, May 30, 2013

May Tri-Polish Challenge: Day 4

The final day of May's Tri-Polish Challenge has arrived! This month's Tri-Polish colors are blue, grey, and red. My polish choices for the month are Sinful Shine Break Away, Sinful Shine Devious, and China Glaze Elephant Walk. The requirements for this challenge from Crumpet's Nail Tarts are as follows:
  • Three colors are specified for each month, for use in four manicures, and the participant must choose a single polish for each color to use throughout the four manicures.
  • All four manicures must use at least two of the three polishes, and at least one mani must contain all three.
  • The only other colors which can be used are white, black, gold, silver, or a clear-based glitter.
  • Manicures are to be posted the Tuesday and Thursday of the last two weeks of the month.
I tend to use all three of the polishes on most of my manicures for this challenge, but today's only used Devious and Break Away. 

I started with three coats of Sinful Colors All About You, then one finger at a time I put a thick coat of Devious (except for the ring fingers, which of course used Break Away) and then daubed it off with some crinkled plastic wrap. 

Usually I prefer to take pictures of my manicures in natural light, but I had to use flash to even get a glimpse of how the gold really shines on these nails. It looks like gold foil! Even with that, these pictures really don't capture it in the slightest, but I'm just not a good enough photographer to know what I need to do to show it off better.

 I have to say, though, this was the worst manicure for clean-up ever. Even water marbling is easier to do clean-up on than glitter with this red. Devious has a consistency of a really thick jelly, and when you try to do clean-up on it, it's like trying to get blood out of cloth: it gets lighter and lighter but it's visibly still there. Add the stubbornness of the random fleck of glitter here and there and honestly? I gave up on clean-up well before I was satisfied. It was that annoying. :P But look at the pretties! Sooo worth it!

Now let's see the last batch of beauties that we all came up with for red, blue, and grey this month!

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  1. It looks really good :) I love how the gold looks!