Tuesday, May 21, 2013

May Tri-Polish Challenge: Day 1

This month's Tri-Polish colors are blue, grey, and red. My polish choices for the month are Sinful Shine Break Away, Sinful Shine Devious, and China Glaze Elephant Walk.

For this manicure I also used Sinful Shine Wisp for the base.

I mixed Wisp and Break Away in varying amounts to sponge on the gradient from white to blue, then used Elephant Walk to draw branches, and Wisp and Devious to dot the flowers. I originally expected everything to show up better on the nails where the blue was at the bottom, but it turned out that the grey branches hardly showed up on those, so only the ones with the white bottoms actually looked like trees, leaving most of the nails to seem very abstract. Which isn't a bad thing, of course, as they were pretty all the same, but the ring fingers are more of the actual look I was going for.

The thumbnails I actually did intend to be rather abstract. I did larger flowers with more mixing of the red and white, and no branches at all.

All in all, I liked the way my flowering trees came out, and very much enjoyed wearing them. I didn't want to remove them to do the next manicure!!

Let's see what every one else has done with their blue, red, and grey!


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    1. I was really happy with them. I should spend more time planning my art on a practice wheel before just throwing it on my nails...if I had, I would have known to reverse my planned gradient. :) But it was pretty either way, so YAY!

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    1. Thanks! I was really happy with how bright and springy they came out. Hard to do with GREY, ya know? Of course, I could've chosen a lighter red and blue, but I went too pastel last month, so I went too far the other way this month. Next month I'll pick some colors with contrast! :)

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    1. Thanks! I really appreciate the happy comments. :)

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    1. Thanks! It's been my favorite of May's tri-polish manis so far. (I'm wearing #3 currently. ;)