Wednesday, May 29, 2013

May Tri-Polish Challenge: Day 3

Sorry I'm a day late on this. Memorial Day has my internal schedule screwed up - not to mention that Monday night, my son decided to stick little beads in his ears and pretend they were earplugs. I got one out, but an emergency room visit was needed for the other one. They couldn't get it out without worry about damaging his ear, so they sent me to an ENT specialist with him yesterday, which meant I completely forgot this had to be posted. They put him under full anesthesia this morning and pulled that silly thing out with no damage, and I finally remember this post today at lunch! Better late than never, I suppose...

This month's Tri-Polish colors are blue, grey, and red. My polish choices for the month are Sinful Shine Break Away, Sinful Shine Devious, and China Glaze Elephant Walk. I went with a simple dotticure in a starburst pattern - Devious on one hand, Break Away on the other, alternating on the ring fingers for an accent nail. Three sizes of dotting tool were used for this pattern.

Now let's see if the other ladies in the challenge were more inspired than I was today! :)

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  1. It looks good! Glad to hear that your son is okay.