Monday, August 5, 2013

Monkey See, Monkey Do Monday!

I had this gorgeous picture pinned on my nail art board that I wanted to try, and the very day I sat down to recreate it on my nails, I found someone else had done the same thing. So on this Monkey See Monkey Do Monday, you get to see three variations of the same design! First, you get to see what I did, since it's my blog after all. ;)

I started with a base of Fingerpaints Putty In My Hands, then I added Sinful Colors Timbleberry. I totally lost which color I used for the stripey outlines by the time I took the pictures, but the inset jewel color is Zoya Blaze.

And now here's the manicure I based it on:

And the other copy of it -

Isn't it amazing the differences one can get from the same design just with three different color sets?

Let's see who else decided to do a Monkey See Monkey Do Mani today!

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