Friday, August 16, 2013

Inspired by Artwork

I have a Pinterest board that I've titled "Inspirations for Nail Art". Given my lack of creativity and poor ability at design, I seldom attempt to copy a pattern or painting. I usually attempt to copy other people's nail art, as the creation of a design to fit on fingernails has already been done for me. But occasionally I give it a try, and that's what you get to see today.

Here's the painting from which I am basing today's nail art.

It's beautiful, isn't it? I love almost all of the paintings this artist has done, though I don't have the kind of money which would allow me to purchase original artwork for my house, so all I can do is admire it on the web and point other people towards their site so maybe someone else can buy their stuff!

I originally thought I'd recreate that background with a multi-layer plastic wrap technique, starting with gray, and then white, and then a pale gray on top of it. But I got an inspiration just after I'd put the initial gray on my nails, and I pulled out a white crackle instead!

The base color was done with Sinful Shine Steel Reserve, and the crackle is Avon Mosaic Effects White. Then I used Sinful Shine Dark Room to draw some branches and the birds, and China Glaze Salsa for the leaves. I think the background would have been better represented if I had painted the crackle in a much thinner coat (some of the edges are exactly what I wanted, and if I could've kept it that thin across the nail it would've been closer to what I imagined than what came out) but I'm happy with the end result nonetheless.


  1. These look great! I love the idea of using the crackle for a background, nice work! (: