Saturday, March 23, 2013

52-week challenge 3/11: violet

The next belatedly-posted weely challenge theme was the week of 3/11, with the theme of violet. I considered picking a purple nail polish, but I decided instead I'd rather do actual violet-type-flowers on my nails. Before I could tell them the theme, several co-workers who saw this manicure identified them as "either violets or pansies...but I think violets," so I must have gotten them close enough!!

The underwear is three coats of Sinful Colors Innocent, topped with one coat of Girly Bits Street Magic. I do love that polish, though it's extremely understated when worn on green. It really excels on black or dark brown, I have to say. I then dotted the violets with a base of Sally Hansen Blue Me Away topped with NYC Purple Pizzaz, to give them that nice indigo shade. Milani Whitest White for the center dot and lines, topped with just a dot of my brand-new Sinful Colors Unicorn for the center yellow of the flowers.

Aren't they pretty? What's your favorite spring flower?

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