Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Green Flakes and Black Swirls

This is quite an old manicure, but I couldn't find the pictures for it for the longest time, and then once I got them edited and uploaded, I still had this draft post with only pictures and polish listing needing words for longer still. But at last, you get to see the pretty that was this manicure!

It was inspired by a manicure by The Nailasaurus, which was in turn inspired by a dress design that "didn't quite make it" to their Spring Season collection. I am still in awe of nail artists who manage to get tiny fine lines, crisp even, out of nail polish. It's something I aspire to, and I get hints that I might someday master the technique by the occasional sharp line I produce...but mostly I still have fat blobby things compared to the nail artists I admire the most. :)

On to what you came here for - the nail art pictures!

Underwear was Sinful Colors Mint Apple, topped with first a coat of Girly Bits Street Magic and then Sinful Colors Green Ocean. It made a beautiful sparkle-filled sight all on its own, but then I topped it with Sinful Colors Black Diamond. I don't consider it one of my best, ooh-inspiring manis, but it was a pretty darned nice one, in my opinion! There's not much to say about the technique or anything, so pic spam follows the cut.

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